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You may be wondering why there are so many versions of the Bible.  But, you may be even more interested to know that in 1966 a large number of people felt that the language of the Bible needed to be more contemporary.  That is where the idea of the New International Version, or the NIV, came from. When this was being created it took 15 scholars to work on it.  The New York Bible Society decided that they would take on any financial responsibility for this project.  More than 100 different scholars worked on the translation for this version. It was finally completed and printed in 1973. If you have ever considered quoting the New International Version, NIV, then you should know that you can do this without having any written permission or authorization from the publisher of the Bible. 

This book has been thought to bring an understanding of the Bible, and the Bible Verses inside,  to those individuals of all ages and nationalities.  It has really helped to make the language more clear and understandable.  It has been thought that this version has been successful at bringing more people closer to God and helped more individuals understand the word. Many people believe that this version of the Bible was created just for them as it helped to clarify and give meaning to thousands of verses.  If you take the time to read the book you might just feel the same way about the book.  It is thought to be very easy to understand and it has been found to be very close to the original scripture.


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Maybe that is why it is thought to be the favorite of millions of Bible readers. Finally, you might find that the New International Version, or the NIV, was meant to clear up some gender language.  Whenever there were areas that were clearly speaking to men and women changes were made and the words humans or people were put in.  In the end you will see that this version has made it very easy for anyone and everyone to read the word of God and understand it.  This can be the best way to build a relationship with God and having a Bible that one can relate to can really open the lines of communication between someone and God above. Now there is a version that can be understood and enjoyed by anyone.

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In the Bible, Jesus teaches by short little stories. These stories were so clear and precise that all of his followers understood exactly what he was trying to say. His followers all could relate to this because he made his stories so everyone could picture themselves in the story. This makes for a great teacher. Let’s take his example for a second. We can treat each and every verse in the bible as a little story. Every verse sure has a meaning for us today and isn’t that what the bible is all about, to teach us about how to be good humans? Learning from the bible does not take remembering every single chapter, every single verse, every second of the day. Learning from the bible is more about taking in the knowledge and applying it to our daily lives. Living the teachings in the bible is the best way to describe it. Let’s take a minute and make simple daily Bible reading plans that can be effective for daily life. Let’s do it together so you see what this entails.

Morning Coffee While you are having morning coffee, you could in fact read just one single verse. This will take no more than 5 minutes to read and you can even read it a second time just for emphasis or in case you’re not awake.

During Work Everyone has to work. What do we think about during work… ~How cute that girl or guy is~ or ~What am I going to make the kids for dinner~ Any of these sound about right? Sure they do. We think this way from time to time. Our mind tends to wander at work especially. Why not replace it with good wholesome thoughts about that bible verse that was read in the morning instead. During lunch could be our time to enjoy some nice bible quite time. The main point is to set a time, no exceptions. Now that’s great, but let’s narrow this down a bit more and set it in stone… In the bible, it was written centuries ago we need to tailor it to our time and place. It has been stated in the past that people go through the exact same situations in their daily life in the bible scripture described. This may or may not be a coincidence since God said he would help us through every day.

At Home Every Night This is the best part of having bible reading plans. At night you can sit down at a table with pen and paper. Just jot down one or two sentences on what you believe the bible verse was about. You have now given yourself ample time to think it over. Putting it on paper sets it in your mind visually. Many of us learn more by visual. Some of us learn by doing it so the action of writing also ingrains it into brain. What we gain from having bible reading plans ends up being much more than just memorizing some words on a page. If done correctly it only takes about 10 minutes of our time and it becomes part of us as a person. It is said that we learn from whatever life throws at us. If you rely on a bible verse, every day to gain these real life experiences, than God protects us all day long.

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